Most Interesting Characters in Science Fiction 3

13 Jack Harkness:  The immortal Jack, polysexual, fun-loving, lover of the Dr.  Sure he started off as a time agent, but how many times did he save the world?  He ran Torchwood, all the while flirting with any sentient male, female, human, insect, fish, or plant he came across.  And to see how he dies, well, was heartbreaking and satisfying at the same time.

14 Leto Atreides:  A “pre-born”, he had the ability to foresee the future and guide humanity.  As the son of the Universe’s emperor, he additionally had the burden of rule to worry about.  What intrigued me about Leto was his vision as well as his humanity.  He had the weight of billions of people to concern himself with and the only way to do so was turn himself into a sandworm, forever foreswearing children and any real contact even as he embraced a near-immortality.

15 Max Guevara:  Dark Angel ended after two seasons, not because of some neat ideas about the future (America as a third-world culture, the theft of Episode 8) but because, in my opinion, the lovely Jessica Alba couldn’t pull off the transition from bad-ass loner to a mother figure for her mutant brethren.  Still, the idea of a human with strands of DNA from all over the animal kingdom who is designed as a killing machine but won’t touch guns is a very intriguing idea.  Oh, and Eliza Dushku was the first pick for the lead.  Very interesting character.

16 Caesar:  The product of drug-testing for the defeat of Alzheimer’s, he was at once the father of his people, their leader, and by the very drug that made him intelligent, the destroyer of mankind as the dominant species on the planet.  Caesar was raised by humans and so respected them, and yet he was superior to them intellectually as well as physically.  I am very curious where the character will be taken.

17 Malcolm Reynolds:  The lead character of another failed series, Firefly, Reynolds was a trusting, honorable, devious, no ego character with an inflexible moral streak that liked to think of himself as a rogue.  His crew knew better, occasionally protecting him from his own limitations.  Two things I loved about him, he had his off brand of English and of course that scene where he was sitting alone and naked in the middle of nowhere with a smile on his face.  Yup, the villain had stolen his ride and taken his clothes but he had gotten her.

18 Ba’al:  Stargate was characterized by totally over-the-top villains, which made this guy stand out.  Elegant, aristocratic, but at times even diplomatic and subtle in his machinations.  It was fun to see him die time after time, though he was hardly symbolic of the baddies that he was the last of.

19 Ellen BSG:  She starts off as the worst humanity has to offer – a sexually starved drunk who lies, steals, and schemes for the easier life of her and her husband Saul.  Then we find out she is one of the final five Cylons.  She becomes the voice of reason among the five, a bridge from the other seven Cylons, and a balance to her husband.  I never saw that coming, and the depth it added to her character was amazing.

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