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The Lone Ranger: Reboot or Redo?

The latest in Disney’s summer blockbusters has been declared a bust.  And, while there is no denying the economics (there is a consensus that too much was spent and that worldwide revenue will not come close to matching costs), the … Continue reading

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Man or Superman:  Man of Steel

I have in recent weeks read that the reinterpretation of Jorel and Zod in the movie Man of Steel is unpopular.  The devout have also voiced a dislike for his parents’ treatment.  Jonathan Kent has a scene where he advises Kal’el … Continue reading

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Influences:  Stan Lee

Since their inception, comics have been a central feature of American culture, defining who we are and where we are going as a culture.  They didn’t start off that way, though.  They began as a continuation of the dime stories … Continue reading

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Influences: George Lucas

I have been a fan of Star Wars since I watched Episode IV.  It was great, but in context with what passed at the time it was a godsend.  Star Trek had been off the air for eight years and … Continue reading

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