Cian Beirdd, or Cian the Bard, was an entertainer in post-Roman Britain.  I thought his was an appropriate nom de plume for me because he was considered one of the great poets of his time and I was hoping for some inspiration in writing short stories about the Arthurian period.  Cian was probably from Ireland.  Considering the cross-pollination of ideas, motifs, and individuals between the cultures of Ireland and Britain I thought the name a good representation of what I am attempting in my stories; a blending of my perspectives on mythology, history, technology, society, science fiction, and comics within the context of each period as it is currently understood.

The picture is of a very famous, outrageously intelligent Renaissance artist named Leonardo da Vinci.  He was a renaissance man in the true sense of the word – a proven athlete and a man whose mental abilities were on a level rarely seen on this planet.  I would never claim such talents, but I do claim to aspire to them.  

As to my own biography, let’s just say I’m old enough to have seen the original Star Wars trilogy in theaters, but not so old that I don’t have a collection of Apple products.  I’m not quite at my physical or mental peak, but both are within sight.  I like pets, but my cat is more like a friend.  I don’t like chemicals, but I’m his enabler (catnip).  I have a couple degrees, but I can’t remember where or when I got them.  Somewhere along the line I received thirty years worth of martial arts experience.  I suppose that’s why I’m so comfortable with the action scenes and the eastern philosophies.

Currently I review media in the Sci Fi/Fantasy genres for http://www.goodreads.com and http://amazon.com, and write weekly blogs for http://www.moviepilot.com.

If you have any interest in my writing, I have started a wiki for the universe I am building.  It gives backgrounds for the characters but also has some cool information on the cultures, technologies, and history of the periods I am exploring.  Take a look http://xiaverse.wikia.com/wiki/Xiaverse_Wiki

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