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Where Riddick Went Wrong

In ‘Pitch Black’ the cinematic world was introduced to an evil character who didn’t lie and didn’t hurt anyone who wasn’t trying to kill him.  He was, however, very adept at killing when it was needed.  He was also a … Continue reading

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Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Just watched the trilogy again, and I am more impressed than ever.  I have never actually seen an origin story for the character, just the occasional flashback.  Nolan decided to risk it, and managed to do so in a way … Continue reading

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The Cinematic State of the Marvel Universe

It is probably safe to say that the world is a little excited about what Marvel has been doing lately with the Avengers prequels, the movie itself, and the hoped-for sequels in phases two and three.  With movies that interact … Continue reading

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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Tongue-in-cheek, campy, playful, moral, irreverent.  Hercules never attempted to stay true to the myths (as if they are consistent anyway).  It took a character who was hedonistic half-god with a legendary temper and turned him into a moral, positive persona whose … Continue reading

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