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Better Plots, Better Stories

  Even the least interested science fiction fan over the last century could tell you that plots are becoming more complex and interesting.  The updates between versions of Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and V are only the three most obvious examples.  Watch the original … Continue reading

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A List: ¬†Knights of the Round Table

   Now I won’t for a moment entertain the idea that there was a Round Table, or that Arthur’s knights followed the rules of a twelfth-century feminist instead of a fifth-century code of honor.  On the other hand, Arthur did … Continue reading

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In my blogs I have mentioned the new Battlestar Galactica series a few times, with its beautifully drawn characters, the varied and engrossing plot that was everything that Sci Fi should be, and the unexpected twists.  Honestly, if I could ever create … Continue reading

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I Have a Question

As a student of history with a curiosity about the future I have noticed a definite trend about cleanliness.  When the first apes were forced out of the dense forests they ate meat raw.  In fact, they took what they … Continue reading

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