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Episode IX

Since Return of the Jedi came to theaters in 1983 I have been hoping for a continuation of the series. The Ewok cartoons didn’t do it, at all. The revised original series only whetted my appetite. The prequels, well, once … Continue reading

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Time Travel

So, interesting thought. Say a historian, let’s call him Berlinghoff Rasmussen for fun, decides to travel back in time from 2500 to the present. Being well-versed in the problems of time travel, he puts his ship in a careful orbit … Continue reading

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Resident Evil:  Completed

Resident Evil Apocalypse Extinction Afterlife Retribution Final Chapter The long-lived horror/science fiction series is finally concluded.  To the writer’s credit, we find out about Alice’s past, her real relationship with Umbrella Corporation, and she survives.  I felt like I could … Continue reading

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Sometimes Older is Better

Let your mind go blank for a minute (for some of us, that is a perpetual state of mind).  O.K., now I am going to throw a few pairs at you – Predator/Jotun, Silicon Entity/Unicorn, Slivine/Gorgon, Borg/Sea Creature.  Forget for … Continue reading

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Ever notice that no matter what major universe you are in everyone seems to have the same technology?  There are of course exceptions – Dr. Who has people who can travel through time on one end and the earliest episodes were … Continue reading

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An Epitaph of Sorts

1992 saw the launch of a series that never should have been.  The X-Files was a Sci-Fi show that generally had no gadgets in it, it was a fantasy show that had two people trying to explain everything, one of … Continue reading

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A New Wave of Dystopian Movies

You may have noticed over the last few years a regular theme in science fiction movies; the Dystopian where a ruling elite is in power.  I don’t mean a species, as in Planet of the Apes, or even where a … Continue reading

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Comics:  Strength and Athleticism

So as usual, Marvel is fairly specific with the strength of it characters and DC is not.  I estimated for them, and have listed below most of the more significant.  In addition, I’ve given them all athletic ratings (agility, efficiency … Continue reading

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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Tongue-in-cheek, campy, playful, moral, irreverent.  Hercules never attempted to stay true to the myths (as if they are consistent anyway).  It took a character who was hedonistic half-god with a legendary temper and turned him into a moral, positive persona whose … Continue reading

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Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comics Pairings I Wouldn’t Want to Miss

-John Crichton and Cameron Mitchell (oh the jokes just roll off the lips) -Hercules (Lou Ferrigno) meets First Dr. David Hartnell somewhere in New York (super strong vs. cranky old guy with all the knowledge of the universe) -Conan and … Continue reading

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