Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy

A couple years ago, Abrams and Lucas brought us the long awaited sequel to ‘Return of the Jedi’. In a way it was disappointing, we all expected to see Luke’s Jedi school either starting or in full swing and an appropriately dangerous enemy for them to combat. There was going to be new heroes, hopefully some of the people from the various novels and games so that there would be familiarity, but the bottom line was a whole new generation of Jedi with Luke Skywalker going all Yoda on everyone.

What did we get, a single scene with Luke and a movie focused on people we didn’t know from the media (movies, novels, graphic novels, comics, cartoons) of the last forty years. Leia and Han got little more than cameos. I didn’t like it. Nor did I appreciate yet another superpowerful weapon designed to control people. But, I could forgive that. The Sith were at the heart of the Empire and the nature of their power is a lack of control – it only makes sense that they would tend toward more and more powerful weapons. To be honest, empires tend toward that. Sometimes people forget that the U.S. developed the Atom bomb but we only did it because Nazi Germany started it first.

Then the second movie, with the new characters getting developed. Leia is supposedly in charge of the rebellion but they used a plot twist to keep her out of most of the movie (and show off a Force power, thank you Mr. Lucas). Not cool. I get that the new people have to get some air time, but could we get the fun characters a little more air time, one last hurrah?

What I could appreciate was the treatment of Luke. The most powerful being in the Star Wars universe was responsible for the destruction of the original Death Star, converting his father back to the light side (Ashla), and killing the emperor but lets face it he was always a whiney bitch. He whined about not leaving Tatooine, he whined about leaving, he whined about his training, and then he whined that he couldn’t help his friends. After the Sith were snuffed out he was supposed to start a Jedi school, train beings of immense power, and maintain all their respect with his quiet wisdom, knowledge of the Force, and unparalleled power; like he does in the novels.

But that didn’t happen. Instead he tried, had a setback, and ran away from the galaxy – like a whiney bitch. It actually makes a lot more sense that he’d give up at the first sign of trouble, and running away is the best thing for someone to do if they don’t have the courage to try again. Don’t get me wrong, Luke Skywalker still possessed amazing power, so his big show at the end of the movie makes perfect sense and fell right into his pattern of showing up, making use of his raw power, and then fading away. On the other hand the fact that he had no substance explains why he could never train people, not really even Rey. I had expectations about Luke, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that Episode Eight made better sense than anything the novels had managed. Thanks again for that.

Now, what are they going to do with a few dozen open rebels, dozens of quiet cells, and a single half-trained Jedi against an empire of soldiers and at least one true Sith? Should be interesting.

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