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Like Mulder and Scully …

Geek Alert!  Yesterday I found out that the X-Files is going back on the air next year with a limited amount of shows.  That’s right, the International Movie Data Base says that both lead characters from the original and the two … Continue reading

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Kids and the End of the World

Does anyone else remember growing up with The Goonies?  How about the Rat Pack movies?  You know teen angst, a little danger, a little romance.  Or more recently how about the Harry Potter series, or even Twilight (hack-hack)? Hunger Games, Divergent, … Continue reading

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Side Kicks!

 I hope you will forgive my absence last week.  A literary agent took an interest in my Arthurian novel but told me I had still made some fundamental mistakes with it, so I spent the week correcting.  The novel … Continue reading

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