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Comics:  Strength and Athleticism

So as usual, Marvel is fairly specific with the strength of it characters and DC is not.  I estimated for them, and have listed below most of the more significant.  In addition, I’ve given them all athletic ratings (agility, efficiency … Continue reading

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Star Wars:  Live Action

As a recent article has so well stated, two major impediments to the production of a Star Wars Live Action show were dissolved with the purchase of Star Wars by Disney.  First, the money.  Without having to pay fees to … Continue reading

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Spider-Man vs. Amazing Spider-Man

With the creation of a second run of Spider-Man movies, I find myself in the unique position of liking two different versions of the same character.  I thought it might be fun to make a comparison between the two just … Continue reading

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Ender’s Game

On Saturday I watched a movie with a novel plot; aliens were driven off by the “genius” of one man fifty years ago, and the planet has been preparing for a second invasion ever since. The movie didn’t stop there, … Continue reading

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Oracle, or Cassandra

My previous article on the superiority of Marvel women got me wondering, are there any other human women of superior intelligence in the DC universe besides Oracle, and are there any whatsoever in Marvel?  After scrolling through dozens of intelligence … Continue reading

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