Star Wars:  Live Action

As a recent article has so well stated, two major impediments to the production of a Star Wars Live Action show were dissolved with the purchase of Star Wars by Disney.  First, the money.  Without having to pay fees to Lucasfilms for every episode the estimated cost of five million is greatly reduced.  And second, energy.  At nearly seventy, the beloved creator of the universe no longer wants to be directly involved with something like that.  This is great news for any fan (of course), and with that in mind I have a few ideas for where I would love to see the series go:


-The Fall of Darth Krayt:  There are a few items which happen between episodes three and four that aren’t realized until after episode six.  The transformation of Jedi Knight A’Sharad Hett into Darth Krayt is one of them.  Among fans of the comics his name is easily recognizable.  In 137 ABY he destroys the Republic, nearly wipes out the Jedi, and takes over the Fel Empire.

-Some progress toward Coruscant’s history:  They might use Coruscanti Ogres, some fortuitous archeology, or some less obvious technique, but it would be nice that if the series is going to focus on Coruscant’s underworld we might see a little more about the past that’s buried there.

Neat things to see:

-Anzati; a species of life-force vampires, these guys can live nearly forever as long as they feed.

-A young Han; seriously, how can they not put him in somewhere?

-The Falcon without Han; if you have read the novel it was a legend before the Corellian got ahold of it

-Boba Fett; we meet him in ‘A New Hope’ as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, and see him as a kid mourning the death of his father.  Showing us bits and pieces of his early hunts would be fun!

-Several Jedi in the underworld; a couple Jedi are known from the novels and comics to have survived in the underworld for years

-Han and Chewbacca meeting for the first time; Han freeing his life-debt buddy and dozens of other giant powerful friends

-Wookiee enslavement; not to see slaves but to see exactly how you enslave creatures so large and so intelligent on their home planet

-Prophets of the Dark Side; these were a sect the Emperor recruited and used to his own ends and I would like to see them

-Luke and a Krayt Dragon; just so we can see him before he was a whiney teenager or a Jedi Knight

-Missions of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi; not an entire mission, it would just be fun if they showed up collaterally to a plot or two somewhere

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