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King Arthur:  The Movies

King Arthur.  The phrase conjures images of fair maidens, brave knights, chivalry, and twelfth century armaments.  The fact is that everyone’s favorite British king lived in the fifth century.  He probably had hand-me-down armor, sword, and shield.  He may not … Continue reading

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Origins of Force Powers

With the main cast of Episode 7 now decided, talk has been focused on the placement of the movie in relation to the original trilogy, the story-lines that will be followed, and the nature of the primary antagonist.  I won’t … Continue reading

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Hercules vs. Hercules

The passed few weeks I have been comparing DC and Marvel characters to demonstrate how making the DC versions so overwhelmingly strong/durable/fast/magical that they have lost a key element in making them more interesting characters.  I had planned on writing … Continue reading

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Batman vs. Punisher

In the previous two comparisons I have started with a Marvel character and tried to find a DC equivalent.  This week I thought I would start with a DC character – Batman.  His original, and primary, quality is that he … Continue reading

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