Most Interesting Characters in Science Fiction 2

20 Tyr Anasazi:  Left for dead as a child, this gray character from Andromeda always had two or more plans for every occasion.  What made him so intriguing was that his objectives were always so straightforward and he made no secrets about them.  He wanted to prove himself so that he could reproduce, take control of his own clan, kill all his enemies, and eventually have hundreds of grandchildren.  It was a delight watching him scheme on the flagship.  I only wish he could have been given an equally worthy death.

21 Zoe Graystone:  The most brilliant character on the failed Caprica series, she spent the entire series dead, living in a virtual reality.  She mastered the ins and outs of virtual reality, remaining sane even as her counterpart completely lost her mind and devolved into the Cylon mind.  Neat stuff!

22 Spock:  The original Vulcan – coolly logical, very strong, split between two cultures and embarrassed by his human half.  When I was growing up I always wanted to have his strength, his great intelligence, and his amazing control over his emotions.  Now that I am older I see him as my first exposure to an intellectually superior race and his character as a Sci Fi version of a mixed race person.  Definitely a character of multiple levels.

23 Jake Sully:  The character itself was pretty dry, an ex-soldier who has lost the use of his legs.  The position he was put into was great though, being shown how black and white the situation was, seeing that his species were clearly in the wrong, that was great.  His exploration of a foreign culture, one so clearly like the Native American, made not only the character three-dimensional but made the movie as exceptional as it was.

24 Dr. Daniel Jackson:  He started off as the geeky, talks too much member of Stargate SG-1 who had somehow wound up with a beauty.  Daniel’s anger over his wife’s abduction, his willingness to sacrifice himself, coming back to help his friends after his death and his resurrection all represented great development.  In the first episode, Jack O’Neill is constantly cutting him off, by the last he is the group’s spokesman.  Just one question, when did he get into lifting weights and shooting P-90s?  

25 General Jack O’Neill:  Playful, handsome, athletic, the perfect rebel against the man disguised in the uniform of a U.S. Air Force officer.  Quips and bad jokes were his specialty.  Still, watching the character develop from suicidal man overwhelmed with guilt at his son’s death to the clown/second-in-command of Stargate command was a neat ride.

26 Vala Mal Doran:  Kooky, sexy, happy-go-lucky, guilty at her former godhood, loud and obnoxious, in need of love, a liar who desperately wants to be trusted.  Vala came on in the last two seasons of Stargate and she filled up the scenes.  She was so much of a pain and so loveable playing the part.  While the surviving characters all seemed to be fully developed by that time, she was the only unpredictable one and I am sorry we did not get to see her evolve.

27 Six:  She starts off as simply a tall blonde Cylon who was instrumental in the near-annihilation of the human race.  But even there she is interesting, because the accidental act of killing a baby in a city she has already doomed brings her to tears.  Six becomes an apologetic leader trying to make up for her crimes and find a way to come together with the humans, along the way she manages to bridge the gap between the natural and artificial species.

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