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10,000 B.C.

I suppose this blog will make me a ranter, but I watched the movie named above in silence.  It occurred to me, if the Ice Age was a time when mankind’s very existence was in question how could there be … Continue reading

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It is often overlooked now, but one of the many crazy things that George Lucas insisted on in Star Wars was that his sets have a dirty, lived-in feel to them.  He didn’t think that space would be any more … Continue reading

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Historical Movie Ideas

My rant on King Arthur got me to thinking about what other periods, people, or events might be fun to explore in movies.  Let me know what you think: -Aetius:  Born into the Germanic tribes he rose to the highest … Continue reading

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Xiaverse Wiki

As you may or may not know I have been writing some short stories placed in the Arthurian period and at the end of the ice age.  I’ve recently published a novel on Amazon kindle as well.  In tandem with … Continue reading

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Age of Obsidian

In 10,027 B.C.E, or years Before the Common Era, a boy named Kediak was born to a family who lived in a permanent village near Lake Van.  The area was at the doorstep of a dormant volcano and his family … Continue reading

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The Reasoning Behind Superpowers

Comic book characters, any fictional character with abilities that go beyond human, are modern society’s mythology.  Each one of them have distinct abilities and flaws, their stories change to fit the times, but the names and their characters survive.  So … Continue reading

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