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So What Would You Choose?

I have ranted about comics, science fiction, fantasy, and even the occasional historical fiction (Don’t get me started on King Arthur!) during my blogging career.  But tonight I would like to pose a simple question. What historical period would you … Continue reading

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It is often overlooked now, but one of the many crazy things that George Lucas insisted on in Star Wars was that his sets have a dirty, lived-in feel to them.  He didn’t think that space would be any more … Continue reading

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Age of Obsidian

In 10,027 B.C.E, or years Before the Common Era, a boy named Kediak was born to a family who lived in a permanent village near Lake Van.  The area was at the doorstep of a dormant volcano and his family … Continue reading

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Influences:  Marijas Gimbutas

Marija Gimbutas was the first recognized scholar to look at pre-agrarian societies as anything other than precursors for the civilizations that developed around 3100 B.C.E. In short, she was the first person to see that early semi-sedentary cultures were simply … Continue reading

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