Top 50 Comic Book Heroes VI

Captain America: Super strong, super healing, the athletic abilities of an Olympic level gymnast – powers at their purest. The neat thing is that his personality, everything he stands for, is exactly the same pure. I had always been afraid that any cinematic portrayal of him would come off as flat, but I’ve now seen four movies that have been perfectly pleasing in that regard.

14 Whistler: What a neat twist on an old story; a vampire hunter who takes in a vampire and trains him to kill vampires. Whistler is crippled, cranky, and doesn’t seem to care about anything other than keeping his man supplied with gear. I enjoyed watching him stand up to his superhuman counterpart and then watching the hero back down.

15 Blade: You have to admire Stan Lee’s audacity sometimes. He takes an African-American character and gives him a slave name, but then makes that name, Blade, his chief weapon. And yeah, the theme of redemption from his past is always nice, right along with his fanaticism about a race of beings most people think are myths.

16 Batgirl/Oracle: I never like her much; she’s a spin-off character from Batman who plays off his dark persona, alternately fighting, flirting, obediently obeying him. I am not a fan of The Joker making her a parapalegic either, but it has separated her and helped the character to become a key connection in the DC universe as an information broker.

17 Buffy the Vampire-Slayer: An empty-headed cheerleader who comes to accept her calling as not only a vampire-slayer, but the leader of the slayers. And she entertained us along the way, sacrificing herself for others, making obvious mistakes, inventing her own language for her Scooby Friends. She was probably the most human hero I have ever seen among comics, even if she was several times stronger than your typical man, with healing powers to match Captain America.

18 Batman: What would it do to a person if he watched his parents get gunned down? How would he respond if he was one of the richest men in the world? Most of us have something like that happen to us and we would give up. But for a guy with all the resources of the Wayne family at his fingertips there’s no reason for Bruce to. In a way I think he is an ideal person, not emotionally or personality-wise of course, but in his drive to get better.

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