Top 50 Comic Book Heroes V

17 Jean Grey: How do you start with this one? An Alpha-level mutant with telekinetic and telepathic powers, who could rip apart all the X-Men at one time without breaking a sweat, and she has no clue about her powers. In the stories, Xavier (Professor X) is literally tapdancing around his dynamo as he plays checkers with Magneto. Once you realize that, all the X-Men comics, movies, and cartoons take on a whole new depth and color.

18 Hulk: A good man and a scientist hoping to find a way to speed up the healing of the human body gets into an accident. Now, every time he loses emotional control he turns green, becomes huge, inhumanly powerful, and indestructible. And, because he is the strongest creature in the Marvel Universe, the military wants him to experiment on. Which makes him a good quiet man being hunted because of what’s inside him.

19 Black Adam: Granted the powers of the Egyptian gods, he turns bad and is put away for centuries. When he comes out again he is confronted by Captain Marvel, who has been given the same powers. Only after being beaten many times does he try to take the path of redemption. Egyptian gods, good guy turned bad, working for good again. They are planning a movie in 2019 starring Dwayne Johnson. I’m excited!

20 Wolverine: A character that can regenerate from nearly anything. You can stab him in the heart, drown him, shoot him in the head, or try to rip his body apart piece by piece and he just heals , flexes his claws, and comes at you again. And then he’s angry, always angry. The movies have been great, bringing out a reason why he is always drinking and is happiest alone.

21 Ozymandias: The smartest man in the world according to The Watchmen, he is also phenomenally fast. What I like best about this guy is that he isn’t your traditional smart, memorizing things and quoting people. This guy is really intelligent, easily outmaneuvering a being so powerful he can go anywhere in the universe, create multiple versions of himself, and make life.

22 Beast: Quoting every philosopher, scientist, poet, and conqueror I’ve ever heard of, all while effortlessly doing gymnastics or lifting objects of hundreds of pounds. The athlete is not supposed to be an intellect, the intellect is not supposed to be an athlete, but this guy is pure both without the particular talents of an Iron Man or a Lex Luthor or the martial skills of Batman or Wolverine. He might be blue, but he’s everything humans are supposed to want to be.

23 Black Cat: Imagine a beautiful cat burglar. Now imagine her with the Captain America formula. In the comics she teamed up with Spider-Man more often than not, half the time flirting, half the time being unethical, and some of the time helping out (she can flirt and be unethical at the same time, she actually prefers it).

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  1. Nice to see you back. I hope life has settled down for you. Although Garry was bitten by a poisonous spider, his hoped-for spidey powers did not materialize. We are both deeply disappointed.

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