Top Comic Characters III

32 Iron Man: Even before RDJ took the character to new heights, Marvel’s version of Batman had a little more to it than his counterpart. A weapon’s manufacturer who realizes what he’s done and decides to do something about it. Not just throwing money to a good cause, he fights the cause himself. In the comics, he eventually becomes the head of SHIELD. He would have been on this list regardless, but after the last few movies and RDJ’s outstanding wit he’s moved up quite a bit.

33 Superman: A refugee from a doomed planet, he comes to Earth. And then we get lucky. He is raised by good people with strong values who manage to impart on him a sense of love and respect for mankind. He should think of us as his pets, his slaves, or even his worshippers. Instead he protects us, especially from ourselves, while hiding his identity and abilities from the public. It’s hard to believe that a character like him is still one of the most visible comic characters in the world. He deserves something for that.


34 Brainiac: There have been a lot of Brainiacs over the years and just as many versions of Brainiac. I like the basic concept though, a sentient machine. In human form, as a cyborg or simply mechanical whether he is sucking up all knowledge or has something more sinister in mind he is somehow more frightening than Superman’s other villains-he is dispassionate above everything.

35 Rogue: She drains the power of whatever she touches, knocking out and eventually killing normal people and borrowing the powers of mutants. You have to love the idea, but what always got me was the life she had to live. She never had any control over her powers, which meant she could never touch anyone. She’s almost like a sadder version of The Thing.

36 Mister Fantastic: The most brilliant person on the planet in the Marvel universe, he is capable of learning and advancing knowledge in any science. His creativity makes his limited ability, being stretchy, one of the most dominant in the universe. And all the while he is the “dumbest smart man” out there, a social moron with the dating skills of a preadolescent. Adorable!

37 Loki: Granted, the movie portrayals have made him a favorite hero for many, but they had some great material to begin with – a god as intelligent as Odin but whose only interest is in mischief and chaos. In the Norse myths, though, he never made any sense because he never did anything useful. The comics, and the movies, have overcome that flaw.

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5 Responses to Top Comic Characters III

  1. Superman is still My Guy. Right up there with Lone Ranger. I’m nothing if not loyal.

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