Top Comic Characters II

38 Scarlet Witch:  So basically this daughter of Magneto has all the powers of a Green Lantern, plus telepathic abilities, but she doesn’t have to worry about charging up or losing a ring.  In the comics she is extremely temperamental.  We’ll have to see how that plays out in the next Avengers movie.  I just like the fact that she has some overwhelming power and has no leanings about good and bad per se.

39 Hal Jordan: The new Green Lantern doesn’t seem like much – an ex-fighter pilot jockey. Still, this incarnation has a lot more depth than his predecessors. He isn’t the simplistic character from Justice League and SuperFriends any more, he is human and has relationships. And hey, having a ring that will create anything you can can think of is a pretty neat idea. Theoretically, he should be able to stand toe to toe with anyone in the DC universe too. I hope they try a sequel or a reboot in the movies.

  40 Skip: This guy with a nothing role in a few Angel episodes is big, intimidating looking, and acts like a guard. Then he opens his mouth and he is the friendliest guy you could ever imagine. And yet every time he shows up you think the other shoe is going to drop. But no, he helps the seer Cordelia when her powers are killing her, he works with Angel on a few occasions.  Well, until it came to that whole Jasmine thing.  One of Whedon’s great inventions.

41 Dr. Octopus: A brilliant scientist who loses his mind to his inventions and the power and money he needs to make them. I know its a bit overdone, but you have to love the concept of the mad scientist who has become one of his own failed experiments. Especially when its given him some extra, nearly indestructable appendages. Alright, and the fact that his moral enemy is also a spider is kind of funny.

  42 Namor: In the beginning there were basically three Timely characters. One was kind of resurrected in the Fantastic Four, one was the ideal of U.S. values, and then there was the Atlantean who was angry with with the land-walkers. He was a neat idea, especially considering that he was a creature of the 1930s. Namor wasn’t a big character after World War II, but a hero who behaves like a criminal is something that wasn’t “in” until the 1970s.

43 Emma Frost: Still undeveloped in the movies apart from being the sister of Wolverine’s wife, Frost’s telepathic powers and diamond form make her interesting. Jean Grey has more powers but she is physically defenseless and Professor X literally helpless. In the comics, Magneto eventually takes over Xavier’s Academy. That Frost eventually makes the same transition without the bond that Eric makes her character very interesting. I hope they develop her more in the next X-Men movie.

44 Sinestro: A character whose power is based on fear. He makes for a nice counter to the Green Lantern corps even if he is usually portrayed as a little cowardly himself. The odd thing is that he used to be a member of the Green Lanterns which means he was extremely strong-willed. Still, it’s hard not to like any character who’s confident to strut around wearing yellow all the time.

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