So What Would You Choose?

I have ranted about comics, science fiction, fantasy, and even the occasional historical fiction (Don’t get me started on King Arthur!) during my blogging career.  But tonight I would like to pose a simple question. What historical period would you like to see stories about?  I realize that’s kind of a blanket statement, after all we already have over 40,000 years of history, and 10,000 of that has been with “civilization”.  So, to help a little I’ll throw out a few options.

-The Heike Wars in Japan (1100s):  The Minamoto and Taira clans fought for control of the shogunate, the ultimate power.  Battles were highly ceremonial and opponents were matched by pedigree and accomplishments.  Minamoto Tametamo was the great hero of the period, he was the best warrior and invented the act of seppuku, or ritual suicide.

-The invasion of the first patriarchal clans into Europe (8,000-10,000 B.C.E.):  A clash of cultures when the settled and stable matriarchal groups were confronted with starving tribes migrating from the desolate steppes of the period.

-Greek trading (8th century B.C.E.) Greek adventurers traveled the Mediterranean in fragile crafts in search of trading options.  They would have run into feral tribes, hazards at sea, and always unknown customs along with exotic goods.  The same idea might also work with their predecessors the Phoenicians.

q-Native American migrations (10,000 B.C.E.):  Hunters following the game animals crossed the Bering Strait at this time, coming upon a new land.  What would be very neat would be to add in the Native American element, that the Americas had been peopled before but that they chose to take the form of animals in order to peacefully give way.  They would continue to act as spirit guides.

-Charlemagne (800):  Three hundred years after the fall of Rome, Charles the Great rebuilt the Western  Empire, forcing Christianity on the northern pagans, holding the Muslims back at the Pyrenees, and establishing his own group of heroes in legend focusing around Roland.  What a story.

-Assassin’s Guild (1200):  There was among the medieval Muslims an assassin’s guild so feared and deadly that they were renowned throughout the Muslim world.

-Minoan Civilization (2500 B.C.E.):  The Minotaur, the tribute of seven male and seven female youths, and Theseus is all just a convenient myth to explain how the Myceneans overthrew their culture.  It might be nice to see what really happened.

-Toltecs (?)  Not much is known about this group, though recent years have revealed some interesting theories – like descent from Africans.  An original settlement of or contact with them might be a good spot for a story.

-Rise of the Nazi Party, or Biography of Hitler:  I know these are two of the most hated subjects in the world, but there is definitely a story there, and a lesson to be learned if we can stomach some of the actions both were responsible for.

Cast a vote, or throw out an idea of your own.

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5 Responses to So What Would You Choose?

  1. You had me at 8,000 to10,000 BC. There hasn’t been much written even fictionally about this period and what HAS been written is mostly awful. Well, you know, Clan of the Cave Bear? You know. Bad. But all the periods you list are fascinating stuff. And you write so well.

  2. I wanted to add that I think the last thing I read about Minoan society — I was probably 14? Or younger maybe? I loved it, of course. I’m not sure what’s been written since, but it hasn’t crossed my path, whatever it is.

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