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I am taking the week off, but I thought it was odd that no one has asked about the symbol that’s always near my name.

It is, simply, a swastika.  Now don’t think goosestepping, Jew-killers for a moment.  The swastika is an ancient symbol, predating the historical Mesopotamian civilizations.  There it represented fertility (think water swirling into a drain, now think about the water swirling outward).  This particular symbol I found associated with Indian beliefs.

The mace is from one of my favorite characters; he walks around the ice age world with a club laced with obsidian blades.  I had considered putting it in a corner and making it smaller, because my mace character always seems to get upstaged/embarrassed/defeated by someone more peaceful/calm/wise.  But I figured if I minimized it no one would even be able to tell what it was.  Hence the symbol.

About Cian Beirdd

I live with my kitty, and encourage his tuna and catnip addictions. I have a website as well;
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