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My rant on King Arthur got me to thinking about what other periods, people, or events might be fun to explore in movies.  Let me know what you think:

-Aetius:  Born into the Germanic tribes he rose to the highest Roman military level through his loyalty and ability, high enough to threaten the emperor himself.  Then he was killed.  Throughout it all he showed an absolute loyalty to the Roman Empire.

-Gilgamesh:  The first known epic was written about him.  The story might benefit from a movie adaptation about his adventures with Enkidu and his search for immortality.

-Hannibal:  Not Smith, I think the recent movie eliminated any further desire to see him.  I mean the Carthaginian, the man who led elephants across the Alps and kept an army in Italy, fighting Roman legions constantly, for years.

-Hrolf Kraki:  Called the Danish King Arthur, his story could easily fit into a movie with his were-bear first warrior, supernatural origins, and the thunderous finale of his reign.  Lots of blood, battle, and intrigue too.

-Imhotep:  According to legend the guy invented the technology for the great pyramids.  He was deified as the God of Medicine.  He deserves a little better than the ‘Mummy’ movies have given him.

-Indo-Europeans:  I know its ethnocentric, but that language group produces and watches most of the films.  I also know it might not be that popular, but a movie exploring the origin of the Indo-Europeans as a militant force might be very interesting to watch.  Zeus/Thor leading the first raids in a desperate attempt to feed his people, becoming a legend himself in the process.  Has potential.

-Marathon:  It’s the battle that ensured we all start with Greek and Latin scholars and language in our pursuit philosophy, science, literature, history, and mathematics instead of Persian.  Surely we could make an interesting movie out of it.

-Mayans, Aztecs, or Tolmecs:  I don’t care about the plot, if a movie was about any of those cultures I would want to watch it.

-Nikola Tesla:  An inventor who was contemporary to Edison, he was brilliant but not nearly as successful.  A movie focusing on his career and juxtaposed against Edison would make for interesting viewing.

-Tecumseh:  This Native American united nearly every tribe west of the Mississippi at a time when the U.S. was beginning to overrun the natives.  What he did, and what he attempted to do, was something amazing and definitely memorable.

Yamato:  A cult hero of Japan, he and his loyal monk Benkei roamed the islands confronting evil.  What better platform for a movie?



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