Women in Comic Books who are more than Skin deep: #1. Deadly Little Miho.

Psychopath more like, but definitely some depth

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Women in Comic Books who are more than Skin deep: #1.

Name: Miho.

Creator: Frank Miller

Appearances: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Big fat Kill, Family Values, And Behind Door Number Three.

Occupation: Protector.

Quote: None, never ever speaks.

Miho a falling leaf.

All my friends know I love deadly Little Miho, and none of them will be surprised to see her on the top of this list. But I am not her biggest fan. The number one Miho fan-boy would be none other than her creator, Frank Miller. When someone like Quinton Tarantino says you have a fetish like relationship with your catcher, maybe you should back away from you work for a bit.  But that love which Miller pours into her is what makes her such a great character.

                Miho is the protector of the ‘girls of Old-town’ in Sin City. She herself…

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