The Incredible Reboot

Strength:  In excess of 100 tons; abilities, accelerated healing, superhuman strength, durability, and speed.  The general storyline (there have been so many versions) is that of a scientist doing experiments with gamma radiation and getting a lethal dose and surviving.  As a result, every time he gets too excited he transforms into a large, green, unpleasant creature.

As a very young boy I remember watching reruns of the television program The Incredible Hulk.  The storyline was simple; softspoken man wandering the country, attempting to understand what has happened to him as a curious reporter tracks him down and the nation’s resources follow him.  As I’m sure Stan Lee had intended, I identified with the lonely, misunderstood character who was hated for qualities he could not control; a man who simply wanted to fit in.

As I grew older, the repetitive plots bored me, even the emergence of the green monster of limitless strength became less fun.  It was a genuine joy to hear when the first movie in a reboot came out, and a true disappointment to watch it.  There was more to the second one, better acting and more depth in the plot, but there was still more promise to the movie than payoff.

Then The Avengers came out, and I finally got a good idea of what I wanted to see; a frustrated man who hates the world and is still trying to help people; a complex, good monster.  Some comic applications I had not seen before also emerged; at Thor and then Loki’s expense (will “Puny god!” be one one those lines that become immortal?)  The action was great, the development of the character from the first two movies gave continuity, and “tough love/no respect for anyone” attitude made me want to see more.

And now I have read that they are working on a reboot for the television series.  I understand that they will never get the actors cast in the same roles as the movie, but I would love to see what they come up with (and whether or not Joss Whedon has or wants to have input).

What would you think of a reboot of the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno classic?


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3 Responses to The Incredible Reboot

  1. Loki says:

    While I would have loved to see Del Toro do his long-rumoured Hulk-series (then again, Del Toro is long-rumoured to do a thousand times more projects than he will ever actually get around to), I think Marvel’s put it away for the time being. They’re far too concerned with their shared live action universe and the Hulk’s immense popularity in “Avengers” to realistically want to go through a lot of expense (Hulk not come cheaply) to risk diluting the character’s newfound success on the small screen. Add to that their huge slew of other shows (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” on ABC, five upcoming shows ( Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders) on Netflix, and a rumoured Agent Carter show on ABC — in addition to their many cartoons). He’s not even looking like he’ll get his own movie any time soon, what with Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, the inevitable Thor 3 and Cap 3, and a possible Guardians of the Galaxy sequel or recently rumoured Black Widow spin-off basically filling all their slots before Avengers 3 already.

    I absolutely agree, though, he was done perfectly in Avengers! I’m admittedly a bit more lenient with the first film than you are (I liked how it made the atmosphere really dark and scary), but both it and the (slightly better) second one are not in any way comparable to what was done with the character on Avengers. Next to juggling his huge cast, I believe Whedon’s biggest audience challenge on the sequel to be not having Hulk’s long-awaited return to the screen be a let-down.

  2. Cian Beirdd says:

    I agree. What he did so effortlessly in the first movie will be harder with even more characters. But, the man is brilliant. He totally reinvented the heroine with Buffy, I would put nothing passed him.

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