Perhaps a little over the top, but his name is apt.  Apocalypse is capable of changing or erasing everything that we know in the universe – history, culture, even people.  He truly is capable of apocalyptic accomplishments.

What makes him so interesting, though, has nothing to do with his power.  It is his isolation and the consequences of it.  Apocalypse was born 5,000 years ago with gray skin.  He was left by his people to die in the desert.  He was rescued by another tribe who would later be attacked and murdered, leaving him without any connections.  All he had left was his adopted people’s motto, “Survival of the strong.”  And he followed it throughout his life.  At some point, he came across some Eternals technology and has used it to better employ his philosophy.

Throughout the centuries, he has encouraged cultures to worship him as a god.  One could argue that that is a natural thing for him to have done, but it only highlights his isolation and his perspective of being something entirely different from human.

He is not about power.  He has been a match for all the X-Men in the modern age, it goes without saying that he could easily have conquered the world in a time when there were no mutants.  Instead, he sees mankind as his responsibility to protect and mold.  This can be seen in his alliance with Ozymandias and the original Moon Knight to fend off an insectoid race called the Brood.  His perspective has not changed centuries later when he fights the High Evolutionary in his attempt to eradicate the lesser species.

He is no shepherd, however.  He’s more like a gardener of mankind.  On a large scale he manipulates groups – tribes, kingdoms, and nations – into fighting each other, thus demonstrating who is strong and allowing the weak to be overcome.  On an individual level, he maneuvers events and people to his own ends.  He sees in Nathaniel Essex a strong and innovative mind and mutates him into Mister Sinister, and in a young Cable a threat that must be redirected.  He creates his Four Horsemen for his own needs.

The comics do not create a character with a consistent goal of domination, but of testing and molding.  That makes him interesting, and unique aming villains.  While being intensely interested in mankind, he is fully detached from the species.  I admit, I am a little disappointed that he has not been better handled, but would love to see him in a Marvel movie.

What would you think of seeing Apocalypse in one of the Marvel movies?

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7 Responses to Apocalypse

  1. Loki says:

    Great post! Not sure if you count them as Marvel movies, but the next X-men movie following this year’s “Days of Future Past” has been given the subtitle “Apocalypse”. So you’re likely to get your wish granted in the not-too-distant future. Of course, that might not be a good thing, but the X-men movies have been improving of late, so here’s to hoping!

    • Loki says:

      Say, would you know of any particular story arc featuring Apocalypse that you would recommend above all others? (I.e. something easily obtainable as a TPB or similarly collected?) I mainly know of the character through conjecture and mentions in other X-comics, I’ve only read a few things featuring actual appearances by him, and don’t recall him standing out particularly in those (which is probably why I don’t remember where I have read of him in the first place).

  2. Cian Beirdd says:

    I am hoping. The Patrick Stewart movies had some unfortunate plots. The new one was amazing by comparison. I don’t think the actors are generally as good, but they are given roles they can play well. So who would play the big guy?

    • Loki says:

      If you’re asking who I’ve heard, I don’t think they’re far enough in the process for there to be any rumours. If you’re asking for my personal fancasting, that’s tough since I (as mentioned) don’t know the character all that well. For some reason the initial drawing of him on this page is making me think of Mark Strong, though. He did a solid job as SInestro, but that was obviously undermined by the dreadful qualify of the movie he was in, so he’d deserve a second go at a big scale super villain. But I’m sure you can find hundreds equally or better suited seeing as how you actually know the character very well.

      • Loki says:

        As far as the older X-men movies go, the first one was just ok, the third one was awful, but I loved the second one to bits, I must admit. Even more so than the most recent one (even though the Magneto/Xavier sequences in that one beats everything else so far easily, as a whole it was kind of dragged down by what felt like a tacked-on attempt at including the origin of the X-men team as a whole. It should just have been a Magneto/Xavier film, that’d have been perfect).

      • Cian Beirdd says:

        Yeah, sometimes I feel like the movies are trying to accomplish too much. Even the Mystique part seemed forced. Magneto, Xavier, the bad guy, and an ending where no one was maimed would have been nice. A fantastic set-up for the sequel.

  3. Loki says:

    Indeed. Simpler is better.

    Well, now they’re spending the sequel tidying up continuity by meshing the timelines of the old ones with the new ones, so I would imagine the “actual” First Class sequel to end up being the Apocalypse film in a few years.

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