Sci Fi/Fantasy/Comics Pairings I Wouldn’t Want to Miss

-John Crichton and Cameron Mitchell (oh the jokes just roll off the lips)

-Hercules (Lou Ferrigno) meets First Dr. David Hartnell somewhere in New York (super strong vs. cranky old guy with all the knowledge of the universe)

-Conan and Oracle (loud and arrogant vs. intellect and calm self-assuredness)

-Fourth Dr. Tom Baker meets Mr. Fantastic (just to watch the rubber man’s head spin)

-Flint of Star Trek and Vandal Savage (a conversation among immortals)

-Luke Skywalker and Superman (Two boy scouts, both super powerful and able to neutralize each other’s strengths)

-Namor vs. Aquaman (exactly how is life under the sea?)

-Batman and Spider-Man (the socialite knight who hides in the shadows and the scared kid always trying to get his picture in the paper)

-Buffy and Blade (“Stupid woman, I am here to KILL vampires!”, “Yeah and those fangs of yours are for decoration, right?”

-Mulder and the Green Lantern (yeah Fox, just try to explain the power ring to Scully)

-Cylons and the Borg (peaceful exchange of nonbiological lifeforms or a fight for survival and technology?)

-Battlestar Galactica humans and Star Wars naval officers (they both don’t know that a captain outranks a commander)

-Yoda and Apocalypse (similar philosophies, to spend their lives bringing out the best in people, totally different approaches)

-Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) vs. Darkseid (pure good against pure evil)

-The Flash against Quiksilver (who cares who is faster, I just want to see The Flash verbally abused)

-Wonder Woman and Jean Grey (“Um, that get up is not helping women’s rights and don’t you have a brain you could use instead of your muscles?)

About Cian Beirdd

I live with my kitty, and encourage his tuna and catnip addictions. I have a website as well;
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