A Request for Mr. Whedon

I think I would not be controversial if I stated that Avengers was the best superhero movie of all time. Nor would I raise many eyebrows if I wrote that all the primaries played their roles well enough that the public would love to see them back. Two things to keep in mind, though. First, Ironman has gotten tame. He still has his wit, but he has nothing to rail against any more. He is not a womanizer, he has figured out what being a hero means, he is even ecological. After the last movie, the poor guy is clearly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Second, the Avengers of the comics are not static — several characters are part of and leave the team throughout its history.

Which brings me to my request. There is a marvel character who was a part of the Avenger team, who has a sharp wit, and happens to be knowledgeable in a few martial arts. And I even have a perfect suggestion for the person to play The Wasp. We already know Sarah Michelle Gellar can work well with Joss Whedon (in Buffy the Vampire-Slayer for the uninitiated). And I personally would love to see her go a round or two with Robert Downey, Jr. Wouldn’t you?

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4 Responses to A Request for Mr. Whedon

  1. Loki says:

    Whedon was very vocal about wanting to include the Wasp in the first film, If I remember correctly he went as far as to admit having rewritten the script several times before he faced having to cut her to scale down the number of characters.

    The odds of her being in the second one is fairly low even so, though, what with the announcement they’re including two other characters (I’ll name them below in case you’re avoiding spoilers) this time around and keeping all the main players from the first installment (the villain aside). I would hazard both Whedon and Marvel in general have decided to wait with the Wasp until the inevitable third Avengers-film — which would make sense considering Ant-Man is due right after Avengers 2 comes out. If Wasp is to be introduced in any film, one would imagine either Ant-Man or the first Avengers film to include Ant-Man (i.e. no. 3, the way things are shaping up) to be it.

    Gellar as the Wasp sounds fine by me, though I kind of doubt it — Whedon does frequently re-use actors, but typically somewhat more tangentially than that would be. Also, she has her own comedy show on TV these days and is likely too busy. Point of interest, perhaps, she did a Reddit Q&A a week or so ago and was asked who she would want to be in one of Whedon’s Marvel films if she could, and politically (but sweetly) answered that he’s already written her the best superhero she could possibly ask for.

    As far as a revolving roster goes, it seems they are doing that. Downey Jr’s getting very expensive compared to, well, every single other star they have, and is currently only contracted for Avengers 2 and then no more. An Iron Man-less Avengers 3 might not be likely, but it’s not completely impossible. And then – spoilers ahead spoilers ahead spoilers ahead – there’s the fact that A2 is already set to introduce Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and the Vision, with A3 likely incorporating new heroes introduced in whatever movies will populate phase 3 (i.e. Ant-Man and possibly Doctor Strange). And on top of all of this, they have War Machine and the Falcon who they can easily slot into an Avengers film if they want to, seeing as how the characters have already been established in other films.

    • Cian Beirdd says:

      I never found anything on the net about that. Then again, my talents here are in perception, not research. With the Downey character I really do feel like he is talking to himself a lot of the time, no one can keep up with his energy and focus. The Wasp, with anyone, would have been great for that. Nice to know that a great mind in this field is thinking the same thing I am. And Gellar. I don’t know of more than a handful of people who could match wits with the Ironman character, and she is the only one that is female and could do an action movie. Whedon is great about giving his people different roles but she is way too talented to be easily replaced.

      • Loki says:

        Agreed on all scores. 🙂 Though I must admit my own comic reading is very limited when it comes to the Avengers. In fact, I think the only major appearances of the Wasp I’m familiar with is the Ultimates version, which I assume is fairly different from the original. So I’m completely at the mercy of your expertise as far as her suitability is concerned — though Whedon being in sync with you on this does of course grant you a lot of authority on the subject. 😉

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