Captain America


Captain America
Strength: 700 lbs.

Cap has always been my favorite hero. Like Batman, he has no superpowers. He was given his body, that of the greatest Olympic champions and an equal to the dark knight, but only because his own was sickly. Unlike his counterpart, however, he does not have a superior intellect or a grab bag of tools to rely on. All he possesses is an impenetrable shield and what he knows about boxing, gymnastics, and judo. The thing that makes him so great is his absolute faith in the rightness of what he is doing. He trains constantly and he’s learned to throw his shield like a boomerang.

He isn’t a complex figure. He is not an anti-hero like later heroes. He has no demons in his past like Magneto or Daredevil. He follows a simple philosophy: “Always do the right thing for the right reason.” And he makes it work. The only other comic hero who completely gives himself to what is morally right is all but invulnerable, can move mountains, burn holes with his eyes, and freeze the bad guys with his breath. That guy can afford to have perfect ideals. Captain America’s integrity, faith, willpower, and character are are ideals he should not be able to follow, but he does. His devotion to succeeding at what is right makes me want to emulate him. It might be fun to have super speed or to be invisible, but the only comic hero I would want to be is Cap.

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