Monty Python and Holy Grail; a list of scenes they should have added

imageI would very much like to talk about the short stories relating to Arthur that I have published through Amazon, the work I am doing right now, and especially the universe I have been crafting for years now. However, I thought a better way to baptize this blog would be to do something that will characterize my site: What better than Monty Python? Therefore, I offer a list of the things this famed comedy group should have put in their movie about the Holy Grail:

-More rabbits
-Guinevere. And as a French woman from the French castle would be even better
-Meleagant kidnapping Guinevere, but being a wimpy and homosexual character who just wanted some attention
-A quadrepelegic Black Knight at Maiden’s Castle
-Some alien child pretending he is God; which would mean of course that the Holy Grail would need to be a toy or a snack
-A contest between the Knights who say “Nee” and the French. It wouldn’t matter what the contest was, the French would turn it into a battle of wits. Oh, and with King Arthur as the commentator.

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I live with my kitty, and encourage his tuna and catnip addictions. I have a website as well;
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